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Yoona Sooyoung Sunny feat Suho Chanyeol Sehun on Romantic Fantasy 130101

Look !
I love people with high speed internet XD
They upload them fast on internet so that we could know what happened on the other side of the world just in a blink of eye
I love you people !!!!!! Especially fans kkkkk~

Okay here I want to share about 130101 Romantic Fantasy where Girls' Generation a.k.a SNSD have their comeback stage for the first time...

And one point here is that I want to talk about Yoona, Sooyoung, Sunny's performance
The three sang Marry You by Bruno Mars
and they are accompanied by EXO-K Sehun, Chanyeol and Suho

And I'm laughing so hard the first time I saw the video..

Okay so the pairing orders are kinda like this :

Sunny - Suho ==> A couple with low height amongst the members and have great voices

Sooyoung - Chanyeol ==> A couple whom height are the tallest amongst the members and have abilities to rapp

Yoona - Sehun ==> A 'face of the group' couple XD Total cute couple I think

See I just can't stop laughing because of Chanyeol's smile XD
Apparently I found that his smile is kinda awkward although I admitted that he's a total handsome on the opening with his flashing handsome smile...
I bet he was doing hard work holding his creepy smile deep inside his body for the past 3 minutes

handsome chanyeol asdfghjkl

And then we go to Suho
OH MY GOD, he's being a total gentleman here !
Smiling to Sunny, handing his hand with manner to Sunny and another angelic smile...
*Let me die for millimeter seconds*
And he was smiling, all the time !!!
Pairing him with Sunny is all good choice because Sunny is a sweet girl ^^

Lastly, The Face of the group pairing
or should I say 'the all skinny body' couple
well uhm yeah see, Yoona and Sehun are all skinny T~T
Aaaaaannnddd, I found it amusing to look at Sehun's dance kkkk~
awkward and his body was kinda stiff..
I bet he's not used to dance like that.. He's a member of boyband okay ? The all full power group and now he's dancing with his sunbae
Although he has already experiencing dancing a couple dance with BoA sunbae, all of it was different okay ?
Only One dance is just full of power and today he was dancing rather cutely or happily
So I found it really amusing to see his awkward dance
Or maybe it is just me who are not used to see him dancing like that
Over all , I love him pairing with Yoona eonni ^^
Overly cute couple kkkkk~
Yes they both are my ultimate biases XD

LOL Hun what are you doing XD

Who want to marry these three goddess-like mortals ? XD

here's the video if you haven't watched it

Ohhh and bonus for you !!!
It's from the same program, and I should say it's great !
Krystal on the piano and Jessica on the vocal...
and the lyrics.... kinda crushing my heart

Jung Sister saranghaeyo !!!!

oh by the way, the video is originally black and white so it has nothing to do with your gadget if you see it in black and white. Don't worry, all gadgets are not like the past times LOL


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