Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

new project

okaaay from now on, I will post about my fan fiction :)
This fan fiction was inspirated from super junior's song "in my dream"
I do think about it a lot and so an idea to make a story came up and there I go, writing on my netbook and try to imagine...
Well I don't think that this fan fiction will be good, since this is my first fan fiction tee-hee

To be honest, my idea on making a fan fiction came up when I heard super junior's In My Dream.
The song was so good to make a story based on it
The song is about a guy that loves his girlfriend but suddenly she gone and the guy went to sleep and have a dream about his ex girlfriend
And so his will is to sleep forever and not to wake up 'cause if he sleeps, he will still feel the girl's presence
At least that's what I understand from the lyrics translation :D
Just to make sure, just check the lyrics translation for yourself :)

I am not confident to post this fan fiction because my friend's fan fiction is so live and good
Being not confident, at first I decided not to post it
But my friends kept on asking me, "when will you post your fan fiction ?" and they said "I am so curious about your fan fiction"
At first I want to make this fan fiction as a one shot.
But considering to the estimated time that I have to spend with my netbook, I decided to post it part by part.
Well, if I had finished my fan fiction 'till end, I will combine it

Okay that was just my story behind the project
hope you like my brand new fan fiction :)
I am really sorry if there are mistakes in the fan fiction :D

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